Willow Brook Boutique A Mother's Dream

Our story began with a dream and a mother's unwavering encouragement. Ashlynn, the founder and creative force behind Willow Brook Boutique, was inspired by her mother, Vicky, to transform a vision into an incredible boutique. Vicky, a guiding light in Ashlynn's life, had always dreamt of creating a haven for fashion enthusiasts, a place where they could embrace their unique style and feel truly at home. Sadly, Vicky passed away just a month before the boutique was set to open its doors, leaving Ashlynn with a profound desire to honor her mother's dream and make it a reality.

Our Story

With a heart brimming with determination and love, Ashlynn embarked on this journey, carrying her mother's dreams in her heart and infusing them into every facet of Willow Brook Boutique. The boutique has a fusion of western and boho styles. 

Our Products

Currently, Willow Brook Boutique is both an online store and a welcoming physical location. In the time since its inception, we've garnered immense love and support from our cherished community. Our loyal patrons appreciate our commitment to providing top-tier quality products at unbeatable prices. Ashlynn, driven by her mother's dreams and her own dedication, tirelessly works to curate collections that embody both style and affordability.

Our Future

As we stand on the precipice of expansion, we are excited about the future and the opportunity to touch even more lives. The vision remains clear: to continue honoring Vicky's legacy and her dream while connecting with a broader audience. We invite you to be a part of this journey, to experience the embodiment of love, perseverance, and passion in each piece we offer.

"My mom was my best friend and we had this vision of Willow Brook Boutique.We wanted to give people a chance to feel beautiful in their own skin in our selection of clothing while also doing so and it being affordable for everyone of all ages and sizes! I only wish my mom could physically be here to watch this all play out! Her passing has been the hardest thing i've ever had to deal with but I know she's my guardian Angel and has a hand in all my successes in life! We miss her dearly! RIP Vicky Elaine Tobell. I hope I'm making you so proud!" - Ashlynn


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Latest Styles

We are always at market to bring you the latest styles and trends in Western Boho and more. 

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We know what's hot right now and we do our best to find you the brands that everybody wants.

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